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Flying Mallard


The Mallard flew by me at a smooth 90 degree angle when I least expected something like this to happen.   However, I had the 80-40 VR in position, prefocused to about 50 feet, on aperture priority exposure.  In short, shoot first, worry about the image later.  Besides, it makes it kind of fun to get these images back from the lab because you have no clue how they will turn out.  While only a small percentage are successful, I recently shot about 20 rolls very conservatively, and although the acceptable percentage was over 50%, 100% were boring and not worth keeping. 

The subject of the image has been reversed, the Mallard was flying left to right. The subject was removed from the background in Photoshop, a motion blur applied to the background, and the subject placed back in the image.  Other wise, the subject has not been altered more than that which is possible in a traditional chemical darkroom.