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Do a quick search on the internet and you'll find no shortage of butterfly images.  Most of these images are primarily intended for identification purposes and generally consist of close-up images with a heavy dose of flash. My goal was to capture a more environmental image while still being able to ID the butterfly.


This photo was taken with an 200 mm micro Nikkor lens.  The weather was highly overcast outside the butterfly house which produced a nice diffused lighting condition inside the house.   However, the diffused lighting reduced the intensity of the light which required the use of ISO 400 film and a tripod.



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Butterflies featured in this section:

Malachite Butterfly Siproeta stelenes Brown with green.
Isabella's Heliconian   Eueides isabella Orange with black.
Paper Kite (Tree Nymph) Idea leuconoe Detailed yel. on black
Orange Julia Drayas julia    Nymphalidae Orange
Owl Butterfly Caligo eurilochus bark with large spot
Zebra Butterfly Heliconius Charitonia Yel. stripes on black.
Common Rose Swallowtail Pachliopta Aristolochiae Black with red spots.
Small Postman Heliconius Erato Black with pink tips.