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Autumn 1
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Liquid Amber trees can supply a lot of autumn color to western landscapes.  When the color on these trees turn, they can be seen from miles away.  







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Leaf 1 Tree 1 Leaf 2 Leaf 3
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However, in most years, Southern California is besieged by 70 MPH Santa Ana winds which can remove just about every leaf from a Liquid Amber tree in a few hours.  During those few years when the winds are late and the trees turn color early, small breezes can keep the leaves moving, especially when you're shooting with a telephoto lens. 


Liquid Ambers


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Autumn 1 Liquid Amber-1 Agapanthus Leaf in Grass

Liquid Amber-2

Solitary Tree Bushes - 1 Leaves on ground  - 1

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Liquid Amber Branch-1