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Bryan Herta


Bryan finished 1st for 2nd year in a row!  Notice that the left front tire is off the ground.  The corkscrew is just a great place to photos of race cars.  

With a media pass, the photographer can shoot through openings in the fence.  Without a pass, there are plenty of locations on the hill next to the track to take a similar image.  

The image at left is only one of several hundred taken at this location.   You would think that it would be relatively simple to capture this type of image with a 500 MM lens track side.  In reality, the cars are still moving quickly, and with tight composition, move out of the frame very quickly.  From a photographer's point of view,  Herta does not move side to side as much ad Andretti and therefore it is a lot easier to capture a tightly composed image of Bryan.  You can always use a little less lens and crop the negative a little more but that wouldn't be as challenging nor would the image be as sharp.

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