Tech. Intro        





             SUBJECT ... LIGHT ... COMPOSITION

     10 Elements:   


      1)    Perspective:  compression  /  expansion  /  normal (fine art)

      2)    Time of day:   morning light  /  afternoon light  /  alpen glow

      3)    Rule of thirds - or not.    (Rule of 6ths)   (balance)

      4)    Lead the viewer's eye through the image.  S curve, C curve, slants, V's.

      5)    Layers in image.

      6)    Types of photos:  Post card, dynamic, intricate, minimalistic.   

      7)    You don't have to have the obvious in the image. 

      8)    Separation of elements.  

      9)    If color off,  imagine in B&W. 

    10)   Look for emotion in subject  /  Look for emotion because of subject.         

    Other Considerations:

   Holy Grail: 

              Capture a different way of looking at a subject.

              Post process to make look like what you actually saw.

              Make sure image has some near-black and some near-white in the composition.

             "Photoshop" is a computer word, not a photography word.


             Review Elements & Composition before shooting and if hit a mental block during shooting.

                 (Can also step away from shooting and look for fresh perspective without camera.)



      1)    High DOF telephoto scenics.  (D750 + 100-400)

                 (With FF, focus stacking required)

      2)    Close focus with scenic background.  (D7200 + 17-70 macro)

      3)    Big sky.  (D850 + 16-35)

                 (Exposure bracketing may be required)

      4)    Ephemeral