April 2010



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Living Desert Ram













Ram at Living Desert - Palm Springs CA


The Living Desert is a really cool nature park in Palm Springs featuring the local flora and fauna of the deserts in the South West.  I have prior images on the site taken of rare desert wolves


I actually went to The Living Desert to photograph rams and found the weather conditions ideal after several weeks of severe rainfall.  The rams were also cooperative.  So many times I go somewhere to photograph a particular subject and I end up photographing something entirely different.  You have to be an opportunist. 


  I followed  a group of 4 rams as they moved across the hillside.  I kind of lagged behind and was fortunate to capture an image of one ram looking back at me.  I noticed the mountains in the background and quickly corrected my position in order to avoid fences and trees and capture the ram and the background.  Multitasking required.


The image above was shot with a 200-400 F4 VR zoom TC-14 tele converter on a cropped frame DSLR on carbon fiber tripod with ball head.


 Additional images at Living Desert can be viewed here