August  2011



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Garrapata 1













Garrapata State Beach


 Additional images can be viewed here


This isn't so much a single image but a collection of images of Asilomar, Point Lobos, Garrapata, and Julia Pfeifer Burns State Beach taken over a one and half day period last June in less than dynamic lighting conditions.  Like many other amateur photographers, I don't have the luxury of living or working in such a beautiful location and being able to rush out and capture images when the weather and lighting conditions are perfect.  I get what I get and do the best I can with what I get.


While all the images in this collection were taken either in the morning and evening on a clear day, it was quite the contrary.  The central coast of California can be foggy and dismal well into mid summer. I drove quite a distance over the day and half to find clear lighting conditions although fog can be really cool in certain conditions and with some subjects.  So it's a question of whether the viewer/photographer remains in one location and waits for the fog to clear or keep moving to find pockets of clearing.  Due to my type of personality and the limited amount of time, I chose to keep moving till I found photographic opportunities.


I can appreciate those photographers that would choose to remain in one location and wait for the image to develop.  These photographers know what they want in advance and are willing to spend the time waiting for image to develop.  



Image shot with a 17-70 OS zoom  lens on a cropped frame, 16.2 MP DSLR mounted on a carbon fiber tripod with ball head.