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June Lake Loop












Autumn Color at the June Lake Loop - Eastern Sierras


 Additional images can be viewed here


I was kind of surprised when I realized that I had not been to the Eastern Sierras to photograph fall colors in 3 years.  I I do have relatives near Bishop that let me know when the Aspens are in full color, it had just snowed, and the sun is out.  This is a tough combination and does not occur every year.  In some years, an early freeze in spring will destroy a lot tree leaves so when fall arrives there isn't a whole lot of color to photograph.  In other years, a freeze in early fall may prematurely turn all the leaves black.  It's not attractive. 


This year, during the first week of fall, I was reading autumn color reports on the internet and a lot of people were reporting pretty good color.  Not perfect, but better than most years.  All of a sudden on a Thursday, it snowed.  I couldn't get off work that Friday but I was on my way up to the Sierras at 3:00 AM Saturday morning.  There are plenty of motels in Bishop but most of them were full due to the beginning a fishing season. 


I was only in the Eastern Sierras for 2 full days and photographed along Highway 395, South Lake, Lake Sabrina, Convict Lake, and June Lake Loop.  The weather ranged from clear blue sky's to snowing to a mixture of climatic conditions.  It was quite exhilarating.  Capturing this experience, in a artful way, was my primary goal on this trip. Check out the rest of the images for a more comprehensive group of images. 


The image above was taken about mid point around the June Lake Loop. It was snowing on the peaks but not on the lake.   There were a lot of tourist, photographers, and fishermen doing whatever they do. There were also deer grazing on the grasses under the yellow aspen and cormorants resting on rocks in the water near the shoreline. 


I took about 1,100 images over 2 days and processed 32 for the web site.  For me, this is pretty good production for only 2 days.  Sometime conditions are just right.  I've spent a lot of time in Yosemite and Monterey and on some days it's really difficult to get even one good shot.  When I've been with groups, the really good photographers are able to create images from almost nothing.  It's amazing. 


The above image shot with a 17-70 zoom lens on a 24 MP, cropped frame DSLR mounted on a carbon fiber tripod with ball head.