Nov.  2013



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SAC/Orange Coast












Santa Ana College (SAC) versus Orange Coast College


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I envy those photographers that are able to get on the field for a PAC 12 or Pro game but quickly realize that I should stop my whining because there are plenty of dynamic images that can be captured during a junior college game.  Plus, having total access to the field is a step up from the other games due to on-field crowding, especially the ones that are normally televised. 


The reason I selected this football image out of 4 games and 100+ images is because of its 3-D effect with the team and coaches watching from the sideline.  It gives a different perspective with the apparent separation of the action on the field from the background.  I also like the power struggle between the runner and the tacklers. 


In prior years, has given sports photography events at these same games.  They would show up with 50+ photographers, a lot of pro equipment,  and would get some simply outstanding images.  They had photographers posted all around the field and rarely missed a great play between them.  My objective is a little different.  While I'm also trying to capture the best plays, I'm only a single photographer so I have to focus on my corner of the the field, wherever I'm at, and try to get as many players, both offence and defense in the image.  I try to tell a story.


The above image shot with a 70-400 zoom lens on a 16 MP cropped frame SLT hand held.