August 2014



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Mountainside 1













Olympic National Park


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When I go to a national park, I want to photograph iconic images.  Unfortunately, iconic scenery isn't always visible to be photographed.  Weather is typically the problem but I'd rather have lousy weather than perfect, hazy, overcast weather.  At least with inclement weather, you have a chance to capture an iconic feature a little differently.  Of course, without the proper winter clothing, it was spring, I would have frozen.  


Hurricane Ridge was almost completely shrouded in clouds but the wind was moving the clouds quickly.  I watched for breaks in the clouds for several hours before catching a small break.  It didn't look like much, but after a lot of post processing, I was able to extract an image.  I really enjoy looking for patterns juxtapositioned between the clouds and the mountains.  There is almost an infinite number of combinations. 


The above image shot was taken with a cropped frame, 24 MP DSLT with 70-400 zoom lens on a carbon fiber tripod

 with monoball head.