NOW WHAT -  (before shot)

Tech. Intro        




   Your subject is in front of you.  Some of the possible techniques and tools to consider using are: 

    1)  Initial Capture:               

  Look high, look low, left , right, up, down, behind.

  Warm up.  Be Impulsive.  Insurance shots.

     (Check exposure graph - top move graph right, change to +3 or +7.)

    2)  Big capture:               

  If scene warrants, drag out D810 and use meticulous technique.

    3)  Telephoto compression:      

  Capture the essence of a scene.

    4 Wide angle expansion:  

  Environmental shot especially with good cloud formations. 

    5)  Panorama:                 

  Consider this option if the scene lends itself to this format.

    6)  Bracket Exposure:  

             (check histogram)   

  Exposure bracket in difficult light situations.  Intentional under or over exposure. 

     (The "correct" exposure is not necessarily the "right" exposure.)

    7)  Extreme close-up:     

  (Use "Live View" when using telephoto zoom.)

    8)  Shallow DOF:       

  Make duplicate images at different focus points.

    9)  Extreme DOF:           

  Helicon Focus in post processing.
   10)  Very long exposure: 

  Smooth out rough water or clouds.  (For > 30 seconds, see slo-mo technique.)

      (For < 30 seconds, use bracketing with .6 ND filter.)

      (If windy or tripod unstable, shorten legs.)

      (Absolutely VR off and AF off - focus first with AF on.)

   11)  Extreme Back Lighting:

  Bracket on tripod - Photomatrix and or blending in Photoshop.

   12)  Elements of light:

  Mottled light / sun strategically located in image / fog & clouds

   13)  Alpine Glow:

  Shoot scenics 25 minutes after sunset.

   14)  Water:                       

  Rough, smooth, reflection, close-up details

   15)  Creative:                       

  Move body and down or sideways while shooting

  Zoom in or out while shooting. 

   16)  Start over:                  

  After shooting a subject, walk away, relook at the scene, shoot it again.


    You've been seeing and shooting for years.  Trust your instinct. 

    There is a difference between "taking a picture" and "making a picture".

    Plan for luck. - If it happens, it happens, if it doesn't, it doesn't.

    Is it Boring?  WOW factor?  Different?  Make viewer think?