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Perito Moreno




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Perito Moreno


This glacier is the 2nd most popular attraction

 in Argentina although it takes a 3 hour flight

from Buenos Aires to El Calafate and a 1 hour

drive to see it. 


The glacier is 19 miles in length, 220 feet tall,

and moves about 3 feet per day.  Large sheets

of ice are constantly calving and crashing  into

Lake Argentina.  Of course, once you've heard

 the crashing, it's too late to take a picture unless

 the resultant iceberg floats back to the surface

and almost bounces out of the water.  It happens. 

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Day 10


Perito Moreno





We arrived at the entrance to the park at 8:00 AM, opening time,

and had to drive another 25

minutes to the glacier which

still had a sliver

of morning light hovering above it.
















  I totally missed the calving face

of the glacier but then it reemerged

 to the surface unexpectedly.


This is the location where the glacier intersects Lago Argentino to the north and another lake to the south.






The south lake

will fill with

glacial water

more quickly

than Lago Argentino and every several

years, an ice cave will be created when the south lake breaks through to Lago Argentino. 









  It really was a pretty miserable, windy, cold morning but at least there was a sliver of light to play with. 















  The glacier is

 the other way. 


  I always look in back of me to

see if there is anything else

that I missed.


Not an inspirational

image but, hey, that's what it

really looked

















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All images Michael F Dougherty