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Recently added stock images of

Landscape, SoCal Gardens; Flora; Wildlife;  Surfing; JC Football and other images as posted to





Water Lilies (4) at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano.

Landscape (2) and Cosmos Flowers (3) at Fullerton Arboretum.




Black Skimmers (1) and Yellow Crowned Heron (1) at S. J. Marsh.

Landscape (2) and Cosmos Flowers (3) at Fullerton Arboretum.




Flying Tern (1), Swallow (1), and Geese (2) at S.J. Marsh. 




Finally some moderate sized waves at Newport Wedge (9) + (2).

Withering Tulips (2) at end of season at Descanso Gardens. 

Continuing landscape images from the Lake District in England (31).

Also added images taken by iPhone (15).




Landscape images from the Lake District in England.





Pelicans (3) at La Jolla cliffs.

  Flying Egret (1) and digitally rendered Egret (1) at S.J. Marsh.

Landscape Bridge (1) and Pinkish Buds (1) at Fullerton Arboretum.

Pink Camellia (1) at Descanso Garden in La Canada.





Interesting storm at Huntington Beach (8).

Cormorant (1) standing on cliff in La Jolla.

Gulls (2) flying off cliffs in La Jolla.






Photographed flying Egrets (2) with new Z8 and 180-600. 

Found a Spider (1) protecting out home. 

Autumn Landscape (1) and Waterfall in Jungle (1) at LA Arboretum.

Pumpkins (1) at L.A. Arboretum.




Organized a folio of Crystal Icebergs (8) in Lago Grey, Patagonia.

SOCAL BOWL (22) (SAC vs. Desert)

SAC Dons vs. Desert (28).    




Fall Colors in the Eastern Sierra (30).

SAC Dons vs. Compton (16).  




SAC Dons vs. LA Valley (24).  

SAC Dons vs. Santa Monica (21).  




US Open of Surfing - Women (37) and Men (15).

Added images taken of Mt. Rainer with iPhone (6).




Mid crowded summer trip to Glacier Natl. Park (33).  With iPhone (10).

Added a Folio of Unique Bird Interactions (4).




A windy spring in the Faroe Islands (34).  With iPhone (12).




Newport Wedge (17) surf going off.

Cactus Scenic (1), Chinese Garden (1), Iris (2) at Huntington Library.  

Orchids (4) and Red Whiskered Bulbul (1) at L.A. Arboretum. 

 Burgundy Tulips (2) at Descanso Gardens. 




 Poppies (4) and an American Robin (1) at L.A. Arboretum. 

 Spring Bulbs (11) at Descanso Gardens. 

Freesia (8) on slopes in Orange. 





Flooded river  (1) at Irvine Regional Park

Mallard (1), Madagascar (1), Queen Ann Cottage (1) at LA Arboretum. 

New section on Chino Hills State Park (3)

Flora at South Coast Botanical Garden (2)

Snow on Mountains (1) viewed from Orange County.

SoCal Section being reformatted for smart phones.





Little Green Heron (2) standing on rock at Descanso for 3rd year.

Eastern Sierra (15) image page has been added to Folio Section.

Landscape Section being reformatted for smart phones.





Starting with Pelicans (6) on the cliffs in La Jolla.

Autumn Colors (1) at L.A. Arboretum. 

Great waves at Huntington Beach (13) but horrible lighting.

Folio Section being re-formatted for smart phones.






Perching Bird (1), White Pelicans (1), Autumn Leaf (1) at S.J. Marsh.

More Autumn Colors (1) at L.A. Arboretum. 

Autumn Landscape (1) at Irvine Regional park.

Due to new interest in Yellowstone NP, re-formatted section.



Couple Deer (1) and Fungi in Scotland.

SAC Dons vs. Glendale (26).

Re-formatted Amaryllis, Fungi, and Acadia N.P. sections. 




SAC Dons vs. Orange Coast (24).  

Autumn in SCOTLAND - HIGHLANDS (32).

Scotland iPhone (18) images.




SAC Dons vs. Mt. San Jacinto (25).  

SAC Dons vs. Fullerton (26).  

Re-formatted Munising Autumn Color section.

Re-formatted Central Florida Birds section.




More Wedge (9) images. 

SAC Dons vs. East L.A. Scrimmage (22).  

It's spring time on Mt. RAINIER (27).

US Open - Women Pre (14) shot from HB pier.        




The Wedge (21) was going off in biggest waves of year. 

Green Heron (1) at Descanso.  Maybe same one as last year.

Great Blue Heron (3) at San Joachim Marsh.

LBGP (26) and IMSA (22) from last September.

Re-formatted Grebes section.




Perrenial Garden (2), Lagoon (1), Misc. Flora (2) at L.A. Arboretum.

Perching Bird (1), and Orchids (2) at L.A. Arboretum. 

Water Lilies (2) at Mission San Juan Capistrano.


Formatting of Landscape and Surfing for smart phones complete. 




Jacks Pro (17) in Huntington Beach.        

Azalea Forest (2) at Descanso.




Started new section on Spring Bulbs (19). 

First visit to the Wedge (8) this year. 

Orchids (1) at Sherman Gardens.




Winter trip to YOSEMITE (24).

Conditions for Freesia (3) not quite perfect this year.

Began arduous task of reformatting web site for Smart Phones.




Prepared a Yosemite Folio (15) for a presentation.

The FOLIO section has been reformatted.

Perrenial Garden (3) at L.A. Arboretum in Arcadia. 




Starting the year landscapes at Irvine Regional Park (4).

 Orchids (6) and Fusia (1) at Sherman Gardens in Newport Beach. 

Flying Goose (1) and Great Blue Heron (1) at S.J. Marsh. 

















Perfect weather for photographing Pelicans (9) in La Jolla. 

Found some blooming Silk Floss (2) at the Fullerton Arboretum. 




Playoffs SAC Dons vs. PCC. (34).   (Nov. 27, 2021)

Nice light at the Huntington Library Cactus Garden (1), 

 Lower Ponds. (1), Japanese Garden (1)

SAC Dons vs. West L.A. (34).   (Nov. 06, 2021)

Added new folio: MUNISING  (29) for fall color.

Updated formatting of "folio" pages.   




SAC Dons vs. Citrus (34).  (Oct. 23, 2021)

Spent the first week of October in MUNISING  (52) for fall color




It's football season,  SAC Dons vs. Moorpark. (30).  (Sept. 18, 2021)

SAC Dons vs. Mt San Jacinto. (30).   (Sept. 25, 2021)

  U.S. Open -  Women's Pre Contest (23)

Missed Trestles because the surf was better at Wedge (17). 

 Interesting flower (1) taken at L.A. Arboretum.    

Intense Color (3) from Sherman Gardens.

 Egret Portrait (1) and Avocet  (1) taken at San Joachim marsh.  

Going back to the 70's and posting medium format images (5)

taken with RB67.  




Water Lilies (2) at Mission San Juan Capistrano. 

Inspirational images at a Van Gough Exhibit (27) in Anaheim. 

Continuing to reformat and simplify the web site. 




Spent month reformatting and simplifying the entire website.




Updated formatting in Locations Section and Flora Section.

Another visit to the Rosarium  (1) at Descanso. 




More surf at the Wedge (24) in Newport Beach . 

Impressionist view of Rosarium  (1) at Descanso. 

Reformatted  Safari Park Section.  My first visit in several years. 

Epiphyllum (2) & reformat of Epiphyllum, and Lotus, and sections.




Finally some surf at the Wedge (4) in Newport Beach . 

Spring Bulbs (8), Cherry Blossoms (2), Camellias (2) at Descanso.

Another Obscura (1) of Azalea landscape.

Iris (3), Lower Ponds (1), Cactus Garden (1), and Succulents (1) 

at Huntington Library.




 Camellias (4) are a little late this year at Descanso.

Bulb Garden (9) and Sunflower (1) at South Coast Botanical.

Freesia (11) in Orange, CA.

Perrenial Garden (2), Azalea (3), and Clivia (4) at L.A. Arboretum.

New section named Obscura (2) with creative images.




Pattern Image (1) and Abstract Image (1) at Sherman Gardens.

It's was 2011 that I last visited The Living Desert (10) in Palm Desert.

Got a time ticket to visit the Huntington Library (5) but worth it.




Yellow Sunflowers (1) and Boulders in Rosarium (1)  at Descanso.

Gulls (2) and Pelicans (5) on La Jolla cliffs.

Some surfing at the north side of the Huntington Beach Pier (7).

Bird of Paradise (3), Orchid (2) and Egret (1) at L.A. Arboretum.

Some surf at Huntington Beach (7).